LEMO2 – Learning Analytics Framework

LEMO2 is a framework to build learning analytics applications, consisting of the following components:

  • an architectural scheme based on microservices for learning analytics applications
  • a data model for efficient analysis of multimodal data, including learner activities and sensor data
  • microservices for
    • learning analytics including visualizations and dashboards
    • authentication and user rights management
    • data persistence
  • interfaces for
    • data import from learning applications, learning management systems and sensor devices
    • data import and export via xAPI

The origins of LEMO2 go back to the project “LeMo – Learning Process Management on personalizing and non-personalizing learning platforms”, where a visual analytics tool was developed at three Berlin universities of applied sciences (HWR, BHT, HTW) from 2011 to 2013.

Currently, two LEMO2-based applications are developed:

  • a learning analytics engine for the LISA project (LISA backend)
  • LEMO2 CourseExplorer, a visual analytics tool for the ERASMUS+ project LA4S