lemo2: explore your Moodle course

lemo2 is a dashboard for learning analytics

How did students access certain learning materials? Did they prepare themselves

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Lemo2 CourseExplorer is a learning analytics dashboard for teachers, instructors and instructional designers. It provides a range of visual analyses, which give more detailed insight into the usage of learning material and show patterns of students’ learning behavior.

Lemo2 goes back to a project “Lernprozessmonitoring“, funded by the Berlin Institute for Applied Reasearch (IFAF).

To get a first idea of the Lemo2 CourseExplorer, you can try it out here, using the following credentials: user “demo”, password “lemo2”.
To get started with your own Moodle course, please refer to the user’s guide (including a short installation guide) and download the Lemo2 CourseExplorer.

lemo2 is a dashboard for learning analytics