learning analytics for sensor based adaptive learning

LISA is a government-funded research project. It aims at developing solutions for adaptive and self-regulated learning using sensor data

Together with Plux Inc. we developed a learner wristband with physiological and environmental sensors.

The LISA SmartMonitor receives, analyzes and visualizes sensor data. SmartMonitor is a learning companion, a learner’s friend, who supports learners to improve and regulate their learning.

LISA is a distributed system for learning support, consisting of a wearable sensor device, a learner’s personal SmartMonitor, a learning analytics backend and optionally an adaptive learning application.

Ethical issues, including data privacy, are fundamental for sensor based learning. LISA gives learners full control over the usage of their sensor data.

All industry partners in the LISA project adapted their respective learning solutions. LISA learning applications receive information about a learner’s state derived from sensor data, to support adaptive and self-reflective learning.