Learning companion

Thanks to a wearable sensor device, LISA can support students in their learning process and through the use of a Smart-Monitor, collects and analyzes learners’ data, in order to provide them detailed feedback about their learning status and progress. 

Monitoring and analysis

Through a wearable sensor device and the use of a Smart-Monitor it is possible to monitor behavior and analyze aspects of the learner, searching to understand aspects which can either contribute positively or indeed detract from his/her learning.

LISA provides awareness about personal learning situations by visualizing sensor data, and by presenting a learning history.

Performance evaluation and feedback

Support for self-assessment, self-regulated learning, intelligent feed- back and reflection in order to increase learner motivation and confidence.

LISA notifies learners when their heart rate exceeds limits, or when air quality is getting worse and gives recommendations for learning, based on indicators for emotional state derived from sensor data.

Personalized performance

By getting to know the learning context better, it is possible to adopt didactic strategies aimed at the learner that has a particular characteristic. The training in this way becomes more personalized.

LISA helps to formulate and verify personal learning goals.