Students attend universities with the aim of acquiring knowledge in one or more subject areas, aiming primarily to finish their studies with a successful degree at the end of their learning process. However, not all learners are successful in their studies, due to a multitude factors. Universities and colleges are therefore faced with the question:

what is the most effective way to support students during the learning process?

Technology in the modern era pervades an increasing number of human activities, making available enormous quantities of data from a huge variety of sources. It also increasingly transforming the teaching processes due to spread of tools used in everyday life, such as smartphones or social networks, which significantly influences working communication and collaboration between students. 

The field which emerges in response to this question and which defines the process of optimizing student learning is Learning Analytics.

LISA (Learning Analytics for Sensor-Base Adaptive Learning) is a distributed Learning Environment which aims to support students in their learning process through the use of a sensor device.